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Sourdough bread

Today, we get a sample sourdough bread from one of our potential supplier. Weight around 530gram We may sold it online to all Seremban2 residents. We are also thinking to sell it @thegallery.kitchen … hopefully soon when we we get potential Chef :). What is the best way to eat sourdough bread ?your kind comments …

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We LoveArt + Food We are looking for co-operative passionate people to run theGALLERY.Kitchen (no rental, profit sharing) 1. Pastry Section : Prepare pastries, breads, and desserts2. Food Section : Asian / Western / Fusion Food if you interested do contact us at email@thegallery.kitchen

MCO breakfast

you can order using our Quick Order Form You can order these items form us 🙂 MCO breakfast.Stay at home and makan mi sedap.

Happy New Year 2020

Welcome to Seremban2.com ! Starting today we will provide products and services for Seremban2 customers From time to time we will update more product and services for you. Happy New Year 2020