invitation to be suppliers

Are you a supplier, retailer, business owner or startup based in Seremban 2 area.
We are promoting local businesses and we are looking for  the following supplies for our customers in Seremban 2 area.

1. Fresh Fruits
2. Vegetables
3. Grocery items, ingredients, sauces, material, can food etc
4. Pastry and Bakery items, bread, cakes
5. Seasonal or Festitaval items 
6. Supplement and healthy products
7. Babycare and toddlers products
8. Cosmetics and grommig products
9. Computers or IT products
10. electrical or Electronics products
11.  Florist supplier
12. Gardening products
13. Mobile phone items and accessories
14. Fashion wears clothing products
15 Pets products and services
16. Sports products
17.  Toys or Hobbies
18. Vintage items
19. Books supplies
20. Art and Supplies
21. Stationery and Supplies
22. Cooking Gas 
23. Printing services 
24. All kinds of product and services


if you are interested to join business network  do contact us at 011 109 66 99 8

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